Community Classes at the Berkana Institute

Group Breath 

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn simple Kriya Yoga Breaths that help calm the nervous system, relax the mind, and detox the body. The Breath is one of the Master Keys to physical healing, and we will be learning basic, take-home tools to balance, clear, and awaken the body. You will also learn about the Life Urge and the simple practice of spiritual purification that can align us daily to a deeper sense of connection, ease, and peace. Breath is the foundational building block of Kriya Yoga. We will explore the ancient practice of Kriya Yoga Breath Work to release cellular memories and stuck energies from the physical and emotional body. This will include a 1-hour Breathwork practice. You are invited to wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, a blanket, water, and anything else to support your body’s comfort. Learn More about Colleen Here

$50.00 - Registration Below.


Kirtan and Dhikr

Healing with Ancient Sacred Languages. In this 2 hour experience, we will explore Ancient Sacred Languages and the tones and vibrations within these languages that resonate with nature and our natural state. This experiential workshop includes teachings on ancient languages and interactive singing and chanting. It is designed for anyone who has an interest in healing, music, meditation, yoga, and the symbols of language that we use to connect to ourselves and to each other. Learn More about Colleen Here!

$30.00 - Registration Below.

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