Job Placement

Many prospective Massage Therapy Students ask us if we provide job placement. While most schools offer this service, we generally do not. We are solicited regularly by companies who wish to hire our graduates, and we proceed by screening those employers and contract offers for reasonable wages. If they meet our standards we will place the notice on our Facebook Alumni page.

It is our philosophy that in order to have longevity in the profession, Massage Therapists must work for themselves, and/or as Independent Contractors or Employees for reasonable and fair wages. This is why we provide a hard core business class which helps our students understand their options and guides them through building a solid business plan.  Massage Therapists must command reasonable compensation for providing massage therapy, while avoiding paying too much to middle men who are taking the lion’s share of the profit. Massage Therapists should not “get jobs” like ordinary 9-5 laborers. Massage Therapists that are employed for unfair wages and work long hours generally burn out trying to make ends meet. We train our graduates to be entrepreneurs. If they don’t want to start their own business, they will know how to be discerning in employment relationships.

The Berkana Institute is proud to train its graduates to be entrepreneurs, and empower them with the confidence to launch themselves into the massage therapy industry as powerful competitors. As part of the 600-675 hour program, the Institute offers a 30 hour Business Development Class which provides a very clear entrepreneurial training specific to professionals of the massage therapy profession. We help our students understand realistically what is ahead of them, and help them design a bridge to their successful Massage Therapy Career and Practice.

For more information, please read the Founder’s Blog here: Crumbs – my take on the underpayers in the massage therapy industry