“Studying at the Berkana Institute will challenge and reward you in the very best ways possible. I began my education at the Institute knowing that a life-altering journey in self-awareness and self-growth was about to take place. Through the whole-hearted companionship of my classmates and the profoundly compassionate support from the instructors, I grew in more ways than I could have imagined, both as massage therapist and as a human. This school not only gives its students one of the best and most holistic massage therapy educations in the country, it gives students an opportunity to change their worlds completely. Graduates leave the Institute as beautifully empowered individuals who are able to provide exceptional bodywork. This isn’t just massage therapy school—it’s soul school!”

Keili Joan


“Berkana is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I chose to go here because I’ve had family trained by Jill and knew that’s who I wanted to work with. What I didn’t know is how amazing the journey would be. I was in a class of 7 others and received the support I needed when going through this crazy wonderful experience. All of my instructors were extremely knowledgeable and just plain fantastic people; most of them are bodyworkers themselves and all of them rocked my world in some way. From an educational standpoint, the education I received is priceless. I both learned the essential background science and fundamentals that Ill build a career from, but also was free to explore my own creative side and delve into the art of massage. I learned not only my course material, but a new way of thinking and living. This program is hard. This program will test you in unexpected ways. However, you will come out the other side elated and empowered. One of my favorite quotes, “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.” Its true folks. If you want not only an exceptional education but an adventure as well…talk to Jill Berkana”

Molly Ulrich


“The Berkana Institute pushed me and inspired me in such ways that I could become a person I always wanted to be, but always struggled to find the best avenues in which to do so. This school is that avenue. The teachers are incredible and supportive and versatile. There was not a single day throughout the program that I did not look forward to attending classes. I learned so much about massage, holistic and artistic modalities, health, the human condition, and myself. The program is beautiful and challenging in perfect harmony.”

Sarah Humphreys


“I regard Jill Berkana as a open minded mentor and advisor, as a leader in the massage industry who advocates for the highest integrity of public health , safety, education, diversity, and authentic human interaction. She is a pillar of dynamic conciouness whose fire continues to grow as she continues to share her gifts and inspiration with the world. May she rock on!!”

Rebecca Webb


“If you want to experience something real, encounter an amazing journey of self-discovery and learn an incredible art of creativity, professional massage and something so beautiful, Jill is the one to guide you through, educate you and provide you with her outstanding knowledge. Her compassionate nature delivers such an amazing feeling of safeness, awareness and calm. A truly wonderful experience and an indescribable experience from start to finish. Jill <3”

Rachel Motto


“I am continually grateful for the level of education that I received from Jill. She teaches from the heart, with passion and integrity and is able to spark this fire within her students. Upon completion, I left with much more than a training in massage. The education, by far, is much more than that.”

Jeannie Coates


“I met Jill at the beginning of a life changing journey back in 2006. Jill taught me the foundation of massage and many other life lessons along the way in the Costa Rican rain forest. Fast forward 7 years later, I was working as a nurse and taking a break from massage. The universe brought me back to Jill at her new school, The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, learning through intensive study, the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressionism. This training is not only learning new advanced massage technique, but an orientation of self-discovery for you as an individual which deeply enhances the work you can facilitate for your clients. This approach takes courage because it forces you to dig deep within yourself and manage emotions and memories that sometimes we have tucked away for years, can be intimidating to process, and can get in the way of the work we can do with our clients. Jill is an amazing instructor and massage therapist who truly cares for her students and wants them to succeed. She goes above and beyond to help get them achieve their goals. She has the gift to bring people together and facilitate a group that shifts, grows and changes together while they share this journey of becoming advanced body workers. I can’t express enough how this school is like no other. Whether you are in the foundational program, or the advanced, you will come out a different person and smile at the journey you went on and feel blessed to have been a part of it.”

Kyleigh Staples


“I’m so thankful I had the honor to have Jill as my instructor for her last term at CRSMT. I know my skills and knowledge would have never expanded to where they are without her guidance. I have never had a teacher that made such a commitment to my success after their designated time was done. She has guided me through my first steps into the professional world of massage. I value the way we were educated to see the importance of understanding multiple perspectives of our work. Massage is so much more than bringing physical relief to clients and when you see that, it is what leads you above and beyond the general population of massage therapists. My experience was beyond massage. It was designed for self discovery, intensifying the value and beauty of everything else that came along the way. Going to a school where somebody understands that, is guaranteed to give you a life changing experience. So thank you Jill, you have been a blessing.”

Abby Kenny


“I highly recommend THE BERKANA INSTITUTE OF MASSAGE THERAPY. In 2007, I was in the second graduating class from the school Jill Berkana founded, directed, and taught at in Costa Rica. They say a student can only be as good as their teacher, and I credit my success as a bodyworker to the foundation laid by Jill and her accomplished staff.”

Kaye Andrese


“Until studying under Jill I never realized just how crucial it is to commit yourself 100% to everything you do. As my instructor she challenged me to be my best. I am grateful for her lessons every day while working with my clients. I would recommend anyone to study with her, those who are new to the profession and those who have experience. I think she has something worthwhile to teach you 🙂 “

Nadine Elman


“Jill is an amazing guide on a journey of self-discovery, body and spacial awareness, ethics, creativity, and compassion. She is driven to make sure that each individual therapist recognizes their true, amazing self, at the same time humbling the ego. This greater awareness allows the client to feel safe, confident, and open for their experience. “

Nathan Brumbaugh


“Studying under Jill was an amazing experience. She is creative, experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable and encourages the same of her students thus preparing them to create their own art form as a massage therapist.”

Janice McCree


“My massage therapist Larissa Fischer studied under Jill Berkana and is absolutely Fabulous! She has incredible technique – I can’t believe she is so young and new to the profession!”

Hilda Wise


“I can only imagine that this is the best Institute available for expanding our sacred relationship with body and mind…”

Andrea Blue Reed