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Our Vision

To have a positive impact on the world by educating and promoting extraordinary people committed to becoming holistic health care professionals, superior Licensed Massage Therapists, and Mindful Bodywork Artists; by providing a cutting-edge and evolving comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and state-of-the-art equipment in a focused, and awe-inspiring environment.
A community of expert bodywork educators supports a small and elite group of ambitious, clear and courageous students dedicated to pursuing a holistic lifestyle and career path.


Our Philosophy

"Deliberately Saturating the Art of Bodywork with Consciousness"


  • As an educator for the massage therapy profession, a profession granted the privilege to touch lives, we understand the immense responsibility we have as gatekeepers. We protect the public by educating our students and by screening them for eligibility and endorsement. We understand the magnitude of this responsibility.
  • We know that when we touch our clients' bodies, we touch their entire lives and that this is profound. We know that if we do this work with a rigid agenda, assumptions, or ego to fix or heal them, we can do harm.
  • We understand that in order to execute excellence within our profession, we must continue to learn and grow within the profession while being committed to our own personal evolution.
  • We believe massage to be a holistic health care art, and to honor the profession, ourselves, and our clients, we must adhere to the rules of engagement of the profession while exploring our own essential and creative selves within the work.
  • We strive to embody presence and mindfulness in order to adapt our work from moment to moment to meet the best interests of our clients as they process the work.
  • We understand that to work with our clients is an incredible privilege and know that if we work with any resentment or judgments for our clients, we harm.
  • We do not settle for the status quo or what is basic as massage therapists and always strive to exemplify best practices.  We know in order to do this, we must have humility, be committed to evolving, never stop learning, and bring our best to this work. 
  • We know that at any time we project our own psychological phenomena into the therapeutic relationship, we can do harm and that we must be vigilant over our boundaries to maintain a healthy environment for our work to achieve its best expression. 
  • We believe our clients deserve our deepest respect and gratitude for trusting us to touch their lives when we work with them.
  • We understand that the profession is globally inconsistent; however, we strive to remain modest, patient, and open and participate in the excavation and polishing of what is true. To that end, we know we have an ethical responsibility to be involved in one way or another with research for the advancement of the profession. 
  • We understand our limitations and yield to our clients and other members of their healthcare team for collaboration.
  • We believe that participating in exploitation within this profession is unethical.   
  • We believe that the “cream rises to the top” and that to be the cream, we must consistently do our very best.
  • We believe we are not healers but facilitators of the healing that resides within each individual person we have the great opportunity to work with. People proclaiming to be “healers” do not participate in this program as students or instructors.
  • We believe we deserve to earn a very comfortable living as holistic massage therapists and will not settle for less than appropriate compensation. 
  • We know that if we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot effectively participate in this profession, and so we are dedicated to the practice of radical self-care as a lifestyle. 

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