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and Berkana Graduates are highly sought-after for the best gigs and jobs.


Yes, you are helping others, and you need to make bank.

Many prospective Massage Therapy Students ask us if we provide job placement. While most schools offer this allurement, we generally do not. We train our students to be masters of their own career journey.

Massage Therapists should not “get jobs” like ordinary 9-5 workers. Massage Therapists who are employed for unfair wages and work long hours generally burn out trying to make ends meet. We train our graduates to be successful entrepreneurs with the confidence to launch themselves powerfully into practice and have serious longevity. If they don’t want to start their own business, they will understand how to be discerning and savvy in employment relationships.

As part of the core 600-hour program, students navigate a rigorous 30-hour Business Development Class, which helps our students understand their options and guides them through very clear entrepreneurial training specific to the massage therapy profession.

We help our students understand realistically what is ahead of them and help them design a bridge to their successful Massage Therapy Career and Practice.

We are solicited regularly by companies who wish to hire our graduates, and we proceed by screening those employers and contract offers for reasonable wages. If they meet our standards, we will place the notice on our Facebook Alumni page.

Our Graduate testimonials are below. 

"I graduated from the Berkana Institute in the class of 2022. I did a lot of market research and had very high expectations of what I wanted from an educational standpoint to set myself up for success as a future Massage Therapist.
The Berkana Institute went above and beyond my expectations.
Now, as a practicing practitioner, I am beyond thankful for my education and the support I received from Berkana. I feel I was setup for success to pass the licensing exam right away and to continue on as a independent business owner.

If you are looking for a massage school that is unique, challenging and focuses on the entire individual and not just a massage routine, don’t hesitate to choose the Berkana Institute.
Nichole Crockett
I own an operate 2 of Denver's leading high volume massage studios with quite a lot of LMT staff. We interview Massage Therapists from all over the US on a regular basis. I can say with confidence that our Berkana Alumni LMTs are consistently some of the best on our team!! Berkana students are well trained, well prepared, and lead by example in our studios. It clearly shows that Berkana gives their students the highest level of preparation and skills they need in order to succeed and excel in the competitive Denver massage industry. I strongly recommend this massage school. "
edward rich
The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy is unique in that it provides depth and breadth in a short, intense amount of time. The teachers are committed to the profession of massage therapy, which means no shortcuts. They are also aware of practical considerations, so the training is affordable and allows practitioners to get into the field and begin earning money in a timely manner. The program requires a high standard of professional standards and ethics. Students are introduced to different forms of massage therapy and become experts in cutting edge bodywork. The clinic hours and requirements allow students to feel empowered to serve with confidence. The focus on entrepreneurial skills is also quite practical and necessary. The coaching, the care, the limitless support, the community all work to provide a full and comprehensive training. Mostly, the focus on individual accountability and accountability to the profession of massage therapy is what makes the Berkana Institute stand out in front.”
Judy lucas
“An expertly crafted massage school uniquely offering a variety of massage modalities, life-changing routines to help tap into your inner self, and financial implements sure to foster any advantageous licensed massage therapy career you may seek. This school stands out from most with its high-impact, immersive, & dynamic schedule to help you accomplish your schooling sooner, rather than later. This center attracts many diverse individuals and special opportunities incomparable to most massage schools, so it's truly meant for the courageous and passionate people, particularly!. “
Anna Hollansky
“Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy, or just want to receive exquisite bodywork from their student clinic, I highly recommend you visit the Berkana Institute. As a former student, my experience at Berkana was nothing short of life-changing. The instructors are knowledgeable in their area of expertise and truely passionate about educating. The coursework is well-rounded and provides a balanced understanding of many different concepts and modalities to students.
After graduation, I was confident and prepared to begin my career as a massage therapist and am thankful for the training and guidance I received from the wonderful people at this school."


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