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The Holistic Massage Therapy School

We train Holistic Massage Therapists and the program is designed to be presented holistically. Roughly one-third of the program is devoted to the sciences (mind). One-third of the program is devoted to the bodywork (body) and the final third is devoted to complementary studies (heart), which round out our graduates as savvy business professionals, with knowledge, talent and an arsenal of incredible soft skills.
We guide our students through a process of self-discovery, embodiment, and self-reflective work while they harness trade secrets proven to keep clients happy, which provides an outstanding living income. 

Educational Objectives

  • To be comfortable and competent in communications with other health care professionals, keep appropriate records, and clearly understand our scope of practice.
  • To successfully complete the comprehensive 60 - hour Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy Certification Program
  • To successfully apply for and pass the MBLEX board exam.
  • To be comfortable and proficient in providing professional bodywork to a diverse group of people and to be able to adapt to the unique needs of each client.
  • To know and utilize a variety of techniques in order to meet the client’s individual needs.
  • To practice all of the techniques with our hands and hearts. To cultivate skills and provide exceptional massage therapy.
  • To treat clients with the utmost respect and to honor their privacy, boundaries, and vulnerabilities professionally and ethically.
  • To understand the function and structure of the human body.
  • To obtain a practical working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology.
  • To understand and be mindful of the contraindications and benefits associated with massage therapy.
  • To have a clear understanding of the potential psychological and emotional responses a client could experience during or after a massage therapy treatment.
  • To know how to ethically respond to a client who is experiencing an emotional or psychological challenge and to refer to a professional when necessary.
  • To become fully aware of who we are and challenge ourselves to move to the next level of our personal evolution.
  • To acquire the skills necessary to cultivate and operate a successful massage therapy business.
  • To have the business skills and knowledge necessary to build a massage practice or contribute effectively to an established practice.
  • To enhance self-awareness by practicing self-care, proper nutrition, excellent body mechanics and a regular movement practice.
  • To understand that sharing professional touch and compassion with our clients improves the quality of our lives and our holistic health.
  • To love what we do!

The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy

600 – 675 Hour Certification Program Curriculum is designed to help students acquire licensure in their state.

The curriculum has already been proven to meet the requirements of over 40 states and 13 countries. The lion’s share of the United States require a Massage Therapist to have completed at least 500 hours of education and prove knowledge acquisition by passing the U.S. National Licensure Exam.

When you speak to the Director of Admissions at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, please be sure to let them know what state/s you are interested in acquiring your license in so that we may assist you in the research needed to determine if the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy will meet the requirements where you wish to practice.


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