The Berkana Method

Fluid Body Mechanics, Mindfulness, Ethics, and Creativity, inform this Specialized Approach.


Bodywork as Art!

"The side effect of the holistic model was amazing self-realization. When we focused on the cultivation of mindfulness, the execution of the work became genius. These results were proven over the course of many classes.  It always worked to produce magnificent results, and so, I became extremely attached to it." 
~Jill Berkana
The Berkana Method encourages an extremely strong foundation in solid body mechanics, ethics, courageous execution of technique, basic and strict adherence to professional scope and rules of engagement, and then, we invent and explore our own essential selves within the work.   

The practice of mindfulness is essential

to provide courageous, inventive, and receptive bodywork. As we cultivate our breath and bring presence to our bodywork practice, we develop an awareness of our internal state and then can extend unconditional positive regard to our clients.  With practice, becoming present while we work begins to deepen our intuitive process and supports our self-care while providing skilled care for our clients.

As one cultivates presence and stays connected to the moment, the therapist develops the ability to hold a compassionate space that is client focused.  The ability to let go of the mind during the massage allows the experience to be fluid, rhythmic, and non-static. This deeper awareness increases the potential for the ultimate therapeutic experience.

Fluid body mechanics

The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy teaches students that healthy body mechanics are a primary consideration when learning how to perform a massage properly. 

This is essential to creating a fluid technique delivery and will ensure longevity for newcomers to the profession.

This training focus will be a constant thread throughout the fabric of this program. Many Massage Therapists have to end their careers prematurely simply because they are not using proper body mechanics and not taking care of themselves while doing the work.

The key to having and utilizing proper body mechanics constantly is the use of music and mindfulness of the music. Berkana therapists are known to dance around the massage table while working. We use all types of music at the Berkana Institute, including but not limited to Electronica, Jazz, Chill, Reggae, Classical, World Music, and New Age. Music is a constant environment booster at the Campus and is a critical tool for our therapists to use while working. Music guides the fluidity and rhythm of the movement required to deliver an exquisite treatment. Along with dance, traditional martial arts are the foundation to the movement practice taught at the Institute.

Holistic living is an approach to living in harmony with every part of us, our minds, bodies, and spiritual natures. The Berkana Institute is a holistic institute, and therefore, we are going to cultivate, nurture and encourage a holistic approach to bodywork. Dance, yoga, movement practices, meditation, artistic expression, and more methods will be a constant focus theme at the Institute.

the art of Bodywork

The Art of Bodywork 

Art is a metaphor and a core part of the program at the Berkana Institute. Every massage is viewed as a unique and creative opportunity to form a “masterpiece”. Like no painting or sculpture is the same, no body or massage is the same. The variables are constantly changing from moment to moment. As we explore our movement in massage and client connection with curiosity and creativity, the massage comes to life as a work of art and moving medium.  The body is viewed as a living canvas. As we perform massage, we are not only applying manual techniques to relax the musculoskeletal system. we are mindfully creating a masterpiece.

The Institute utilizes the opportunity to create art as a powerful educational medium throughout the program.


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