Ms. Jill Berkana, An Impartial Expert Witness Offering Comprehensive Support for Legal Cases Involving Massage Therapy or Bodywork

Ms. Jill Berkana is an esteemed and impartial expert witness specializing in legal massage therapy and bodywork cases. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Ms. Berkana provides unbiased education and comprehensive support to litigators, juries, and judges. She upholds the highest standards in her profession by adhering to the most current best practices and cutting-edge standards in hygiene, ethics, and professionalism.

As a pioneer in educating massage therapists as legitimate healthcare providers, and school founder, Ms. Berkana brings a unique perspective to legal cases. She served on the US National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and acted as Board Director and Board Liaison for the Ethics and Standards Committee. With her unwavering commitment to objectivity and thorough support, she is available as an expert witness throughout the United States. 

Ms. Berkana's exceptional qualifications stem from her 33 years in the profession, her role as the Founder and curriculum architect for both the highly esteemed Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy and the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy.

 Through her extensive experience and contributions to the field, Ms. Berkana possesses an in-depth understanding of massage therapy and bodywork. She remains at the forefront of the industry, continually integrating the most current best practices and highest standards. She is an internationally known pioneer in the field who recognizes the importance of elevating the profession and ensuring that massage therapists meet rigorous standards in delivering safe and effective care to their clients and patients.

 In addition to providing expert testimony, Ms. Berkana offers comprehensive support to legal efforts. She conducts thorough research, attends meetings, and produces articles supporting the case. By providing these additional resources, Ms. Berkana ensures that litigators, juries, and judges have access to valuable information, thereby fostering a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

Through her unbiased approach, Ms. Berkana presents relevant facts, industry standards, and professional boundaries to facilitate comprehension and informed decision-making.


She focuses on offering clear explanations of nuances involved in technique execution and the complex dynamics of the therapeutic relationship, empowering all parties to make well-informed judgments.

Travel and Availability: Ms. Berkana is dedicated to providing expert witness services nationwide. Regardless of the geographical location, she can travel throughout the United States.

To engage Ms. Jill Berkana as an expert witness, email or call 303-377-3111 ext. 3. You can also schedule a complimentary discovery call with her at your convenience with her here.