The Berkana Original Curriculum

Jill Berkana is the designer, and chief organizer of the Berkana Curriculum and is a senior author.  Since June of 2005 she has brought together brilliant subject matter experts as a team to help her develop the high level curriculum that has been proven to over-prepare graduates to pass the U.S. National Board Exam.

The curriculum is original and has been refined over 35 times to reflect updates in vital information as the massage therapy profession evolves and benefits from national leadership, national collaboration, and the integration of evidence based research.

The Berkana curriculum is a living project that continues to advance and change over time. Every class at Berkana adds value to the progress of this work by bringing new questions, creative solutions and ideas to the classroom community.

Although Students will receive a handful of text books, Berkana does not use a comprehensive massage therapy manual and most of the student notes, articles, illustrations, and assignments are delivered through the original handouts provided by the Institute.