The Electives

Expand your mad skills with these additional modality offerings. 


Optional, and Highly Recommended

In addition to the excellent and comprehensive 600-hour massage therapy certification program, the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy offers a tremendous opportunity to learn various skills that will greatly enhance the student's massage therapy practice, service abilities, and earning potential.

Additionally, due to the many different entry-level requirements across the United States and the advised entry-level requirements recommended by the Federation of State Massage Boards, The Academic Dean strongly recommends that each student acquire at least 25 additional hours in electives. Elective participation is not mandatory but a recommendation.

The State of Colorado currently requires licensure candidates to have at least a 500 hour education as well as have passed a Board Exam.


Massage Therapy Licensure is regulated at the state level, and the states that regulate Massage have their own specific requirements.

The majority of states currently require a 500-hour education, however, due to the recent results of the ELAP, it is anticipated that State Massage Therapy Boards will begin to increase their hourly requirements. Students will extensively learn about these matters in Board Preparation Class. If you have questions regarding State Licensure or hourly requirements, please see the Academic Dean.

Following are up to 62.5 hours of Electives available for students to take during their Certification Program at the Berkana Institute. All courses are available at an additional cost of $20 to $25 per credit hour, and students receive a 10% discount when they register for and pay their tuition for electives on the day of Orientation. Minimum enrollment requirements must be met.

Cupping Basics for Manual Therapists – 7.5 hours: Students learn how to enhance their practice offerings by introducing cupping. Fire cups, face cups, vacuum and silicone cups are used. Students learn hygienic precautions, applications, contraindications and indications of therapeutic cupping with an emphasis on gliding style  approach.

Cranial and Somatic Fascial Release (CSFR) Elective – 24 hours: Cranial and Somatic Fascia Release include a therapeutic protocol to normalize the craniosacral pulse. The course includes extremely gentle cranial bone mobilization and appropriate fascia releases. Recognizes the Upledger Hypothesis of the pulse.

Hot Rocks Massage – 15 hours: This is more than just an introductory course. Upon completion, students can provide a 1.5-hour and 2-hour session using hot and cold stones. You will learn H.S./C.S. sinus treatments using stones & essential oils, stone layouts, when & how to incorporate stones into your treatment work,  using stones for deep relaxation & meditative work.

Massage Chair Basics with Marketing – 15 hours: This course teaches basic techniques of chair massage. 5-10 and 15-minute routines are demonstrated and practiced. Chair massage can be offered on-site at many locations. Marketing strategies for client recruitment from chair to practice are shared with the students.

Clinic Management – 5 hours: Students have the opportunity to work one on one with the Clinic Manager during a clinic shift to learn Office Management and Customer Service Skills, Including but not limited to: Greeting clients, scheduling, answering phones, keeping a file system, book keeping and linen maintenance.


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