Mindful Expressionism® 

How we connect on a deeper level.


The Berkana Method of Mindful Expressionism®

is the advanced massage training focused, deep tissue bodywork that Jill Berkana has been developing for over 3 decades. The technical and manipulative aspect of the work includes a blend of Structural and/or Normalization of Soft Tissue Techniques, NMT, Trigger Point Therapy, with a blend of traditional Asian style bodywork. This Mindful blend of bodywork is performed in a beautifully fluid, non-static expression of creative and artistic flow. Musical inspiration is a prominent component of the practice. Dance, yoga and martial arts are utilized as the foundation of the movement practice. Mindful Expressionism® blends the therapist’s unique expression of bodywork as an art form, with the customization of treatments designed specifically to meet the client’s constantly changing needs. The therapist utilizes intuition, communication and mindfulness in order to understand and respond to the client’s feedback. Mindful Expressionism® is a meditative form of artistic bodywork with no agenda, no assumption, or standardized recipe. Therapists draw on traditional, modern and invented techniques in order to provide powerfully effective treatment, while enhancing the holistic well-being of the client. With this approach, every massage can be a masterpiece, and as such, be deeply rewarding for the bodywork artists, as well as the client. Mindful Expressionism® supports industry longevity for the therapist.

The most important elements of this approach are total mindfulness, and the courage to connect, and create what is needed for the client at any given moment.

 The providers must have acquired a great deal bodywork skill through practice, knowledge of the human sciences, and proven awareness of self.

Practitioners learn to let go of agenda within a bodywork session, and allow the moment and the rapport between the client and the practitioner dictate how the treatment unfolds. There is a concentrated practice of NON-THINKING, and simply allowing. The majority of the training is bodywork. There is also a focus of meditation, dance, movement, yoga, and Art. Students must meet specific prerequisites in order to participate in this exclusive and advanced training.


50 Hour Segments in the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressions®

There are a few 50 hour specialization segments available for those who want to explore Mindful Expressionism®, but who cannot commit to the entire training.


50 Hour Segments in the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressions®

250 Hour Certification Training in Mindful Expressionism®: $5,000 paid in easy installments. $500 Early Enrollment discount available!
50 Hour Drop in Specialization Segment: $1000 paid in full to secure your space.

250 Hour Advanced Certification Program in the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressionism®

Bodywork Lab | 150 hours: Students learn and exchange an advanced technical survey of the entire human body in the Berkana Method of Mindful Expressionism®.

Meditation & Mindfulness Practice | 50 hours: 
Students cultivate their sitting practice through group meditation

Artistic Flow | 50 hours: Students explore creative expressionism through various forms of artistic interaction including music, sculpture, dance, painting, and a dedicated yoga practice.

The 250 Hour Mindful Expressionism® Certification Program 
will be offerred at international locations in 2022.

If you have interest, please contact Jill Berkana at 
jill@berkanainstitute.com, or call 303.377.3111 ext. 3


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